The Seventh Day

2004, Spain, 97’, Color, Spanish

Director: Carlos Saura
Cast: José Garcia, Eulàlia Ramon, Yohana Cobo, Jose Luis Gomez, Victoria Abril, Irene Escolar

2004 Montreal Film Festival – Best Director

An unforgettable revenge story from legendary Carlos Saura.

In a small Spanish village, the hatred of a decades-long feud between the Jiménez and Fuentes families, that began with the murder of Amadeo Jiménez (Juan Sanz) at the hands of Jerónimo Fuentes (Ramon Fontserè), still lingers. Years later, Jerónimo has served his prison sentence but immediately attacks Amadeo’s brother, José (José Garcia), upon release. Unaware of the feud’s full history, José’s eldest daughter, Isabel (Yohana Cobo), is determined to find the truth behind these violent events.

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