The Rooster Trademark Paper

2012, Iran, 93’, Color, Farsi

Director: Maryam Milani

2012 USA Liv Ullamann Peace Award
2013 Toronto International Film Festival Kids
2013 Montreal International Film Festival Kids

A children’s story from Iranian cinema…

Hero Amir, a young boy who sells newspapers on the street to support his mother and younger sister, dreams of becoming a painter. When he chances upon an ad for an international painting contest in the paper, Amir realizes he must work extra hard to get a plan together. The first step is taking a second job in order to afford the very rare and special art supplies he needs for watercolor work. On top of this, he wants to help his sister, Maryam, who has dreams of her own—she wants to be an actress and a filmmaker. So in between jobs, Amir takes Maryam to her acting class, and each sibling updates the other on their progress. Meanwhile, Amir’s best friend Ali is always practicing in order to get better at his one love: football. All three kids have ambitious goals, but they have the dedication, determination, and support they need to achieve them!

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