Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach

2016, UK, 93′ Color, English

Director: Louise Osmond
Cast: Ken Loach, Jim Loach, Cillian Murphy,Gabriel Byrne

A visual parade of legendary director Ken Loach’s personal life and his tremendous journey through cinema.

A direct, sincere and reflective documentary of Ken Loach’s journey in his personal and professional life as a polite, quite man to become the “working class hero” who happens to be the most uncompromising director of all times as a principled and struggling proletarian of cinema himself.

“Versus” presents a surprisingly candid behind-the-scenes account of Ken Loach’s career as he prepares to release his latest film which won Palme d’Or in 2016 Cannes “I, DANIEL BLAKE” later this year. Director Louise Osmond was granted exclusive access on set and looks at Loach’s career from starting from his first TV dramas up to his award- winning features. As well as interviews with Loach himself, the cast constitutes an amazing collection of people; a host of his friends, adversaries, actors and collaborators as well as his wife and children who are an organic part of Ken Loach’s personal and professional life.

“Versus” is not only an insightful, surprising and moving portrait of Ken Loach, but it also presents itself as a unique gift to the cinema history.

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