2016, France, 83′, Color, French

Director: Laurent Teyssier
Cast: Vincent Rottiers, Sabrina Ouazani, Bernard Blancan, Tim Seyfi

Sometimes a wrong decision destroys all the right ones.

There is an uncomfortable nature in this suburban crime story questioning how free a man is to elude himself out of his past making his decisions…

Philippe, a former drug dealer who is released from prison and finds out that his father, Jean-Jacques, is sick and crippled by debt. Having been a farmer for generations, Jean-Jacques cannot bring himself to accept the idea of selling his land. Seeking to win back the respect of his loved ones, Philippe decides to take over his father’s business during his convalescence. But he swiftly realizes that he will never be able to earn enough money to stop the shed from being repossessed and succeed in saving the family farm. So he decides to turn to one of the region’s biggest drug dealers and suggest that he use the shed as a cover: a single delivery with the aim of wiping out his father’s debts in one fell swoop, but this decision will cost him more than he thought. It will not be so easy to make a clean beginning for a man with a dirty history…

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