Toni Erdmann

2016, Germany-Austria 162′ Color, German-English-Romanian

Director: Maren Ade
Cast: Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller

2016 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection Competition

The hilarious and dramatic tale of an extra-ordinary father’s endless efforts to re-connect with his daughter.

Maren Ade’s melancholic and surprising tale of a mutually depressive father and daughter’s hilarious relationship which has won a massive reputation in 2016 Cannes.

Toni Erdmann tells the story of two protagonists neither of them being Toni Erdmann… Winfried is a lonely piano teacher aimlessly whiling away his semiretirement in suburban Germany. He is an inveterate prankster who likes to playact being different characters. Buck-toothed “Toni Erdmann” is his favorite alternate personality. When his beloved, elderly dog dies, Winfried has even less to build his life around than usual. He decides to pay a surprise weekend visit to his only child Ines, now a middle-aged corporate woman stationed in Romania. As a completely estranged daughter she’s less than thrilled by her father’s arrival at her office in a set of false teeth and a bad wig! A 48-hours of role-playing and pretending not to know up him is both a way to humor him and spare her embarrassment.
Winfred’s endless efforts to overcome the distance between the two worlds he and Ines lives separately turns into implausibly funny, yet emotional tale of resolving their differences and finding a common ground. The heart of Toni Erdmann represents these two polar opposites in extremis, bound together by the magnetic pull of family.

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