The Nile Hilton Incident


2017, Sweden-Denmark, 106’, Thriller-Crime-Noir, Color, Arapça

Director : Tarik Saleh

Scenario : Tarik Saleh

Cast : Fares Fares, Ger Duany, Hichem Yacoubi, Slimane Dazi, Ahmed Abdelhamid Hefny

Cinematographer : Pierre Aim

Editor : Theis Schmidt

In the turbulent atmosphere of the Arab Spring, a murder as dark as Cairo and an unflinching police officer…

2017 Sundance Film Festivali Jury Special Prize


The year is 2011, Cairo. The footsteps of the Arab Spring can be heard loud and clear in the city. Nureddin is a dark and lonely cop who feels both hate and love towards his job. The police force, politics and beaurocracy are completely submerged in dirt. No one is cleaner than the other. Within all this darkness, the beautiful singer Lalena is murdered at the Nile Hilton Hotel. The case is given to Nureddin by his uncle, who runs the police force. Nureddin will enter every dark hole in this foggy city to solve this murder. But the dark clouds shaping the fate of Cairo are lingering over Nureddin and his case as well. It will not be easy to solve this crime.

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