The First Light

2015, Italy, 108’, Color, Italian-English

Director: Vincenzo Marra
Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Daniela Ramirez, Gianni Pezzolla, Luis Gnecco, Alejandro Goic

Venice Film Festival Pasinetti Special Mention Award

” The idea for this film springs from the sum total of many things: my constant observation of reality, a desire to depict social transformations that are underway, and then the growing urgency of this story of children torn between two parents: the children of globalization. It’s a universal story in the end, above and beyond the two countries chosen here. ”
Vincenzo Marra

Marco, a cynical and ambitious young lawyer, lives in Bari with his partner Martina and their eight year old son Mateo. Martina had left Chile and moved to Italy when she met Marco. Their relationship has run its course, however, and Martina longs to go back to her country with Mateo, but Marco, the loving father left out of the equation, is adamantly against the idea. The couple clash for weeks on end, until Martina abruptly leaves the country with their son, goes back to Chile and virtually vanishes. With no news of Mateo, time seems to stand still for Marco. Anguished and unable to cope, he finally rallies and sets off in search of his son.

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