Sophie and the Rising Sun

2016, U.S.A, 116’, Color, English

Director: Maggie Greenwald
Cast: Julianne Nicholson, Takashi Yamaguchi, Margo Martindale, Diane Ladd, Karen Wheeling Reynolds

The hardest battle is the one against prejudices.

An elegant historical drama and moving love story questioning the sins of the society in an undeniable romance.

Set in a small Southern US town in the autumn of 1941. The war continues… Far from this chaos, Sophie is a lonesome woman in this calm inertia. Her life is transformed when an Asian man arrives under mysterious circumstances. Their love affair becomes the lightning rod for long buried conflicts that erupt in bigotry and violence. A trio of women, each with her own secrets- Sophie, along with the town matriarch and her housekeeper- reject law and propriety, risking their lives to save this perfect stranger…

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