2016, USA, 113’, Color, English

Director: Jim Jarmusch
Cast: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Helen-Jean Arthur

2016 Cannes Film Festival Competition Official Selection

The definition of bliss had never been so simple, just like a poetry…

Cult director Jim Jarmusch’s pure and naive manifest about the inner peace hidden under the creative and poetic power of humanity through nostalgia and melancholia.

In a town called Paterson, there lives a silent man whose name is Paterson. Paterson is a bus driver. He has a homespun life of ho-hum comfort and joy. He lives with his very sweet Iranian-American wife, Laura in a homely one-story house with their bulldog Marvin. Each day, he gets up a little after 6:00 a.m. heads off with his grey metal lunchbox to drive his bus. In the night he walks Marvin, usually over to the corner bar, where he stops in for a beer, shooting the breeze with the bartender and the few friendly customers who are always on hand. And when he comes back he always find Laure with full of spirit and love. There is nothing extra-ordinary in the days of Paterson and he has no complain about it. He is content with his notebook which he always scribble down his poems. Although Laura keeps pressing him to publish them, he has no real desire to show them to anyone. To Paterson, the poems are his diary, and also their own reward.

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