Since Otar Left

2003, France-Belgium-Georgia, 103’, Color, Georgian-French-Russian

Director: Julie Bertuccelli
Cast: Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomasuridze, DinaraDrukarova

2003 Cannes Film Festival Critics Week Grand Prize
2003 Fransa César Awards Best Film
2003 Deauville Film Festival Best Screenplay
2003 Vienna Film Festival Special Mention
2003 Warsaw Film Festival Special Mention
2004 French Syndicate of Cinema Critics-Best First Film

The heartwarming tale of 3 women of 3 generations.

Elderly Eka (Esther Gorintin) lives with her daughter, Marina (Nino Khomasuridze), and granddaughter Ada (Dinara Drukarova) in a depressed Georgian city. Eka spends most of her time thinking about her son, Otar, who communicates with her via letters from Paris. When Marina learns that Otar has died, she enlists Ada to continue writing to Eka, as Otar, to save her mother the grief of losing her son. The situation becomes complicated, though, when Eka says she intends to visit Otar in France.

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