The Mongolian Ping Pong

2005, China-Mongolia, 100’, Color, Mongolian

Director: Ning Hao

An innocent and critically acclaimed children’s story from Mongolia.

Mongolian Ping Pong tells the story of three children’s journey from China’s steppes to Beijing, while illustrating Mongolia’s culture and way of living.

Bilgee has never seen a ping-pong ball before. He and his family live without electricity and running water in a solitary tent home among the vast steppe grasslands. The mystery of the small white ball floating in the creek leads the young boy and his friends to questions about the world around them, as well as innocent mischief. Since nobody has an idea about the odd white object, they trek to the faraway monastery to consult the wise lamas. But even the grasslands’ most knowledgeable inhabitants are stumped. Finally, while watching a new TV set, the boys learn about ping-pong…

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