London River

2009, UK-France-Algeria, 87’, Color, English-Arabic-French

Director: Rachid Bouchareb

2009 Berlin Film Festival Best Actor and Special Jury Prize
2010 Abu Dhabi Film Festival Special Mention Award
2012 Fajr Film Festival Jury Special Award

An invitation to think critically about terrorism, xenophobia and fear of Islam…

London 2005…
It’s the story of Ousmane and Mrs Sommers, both humble people living ordinary lives, he in France, she in the Channel Islands. He has a son – she has a daughter – they both are students in London. On July 7th 2005, without any news of their dear children, they decide to start a journey together in search of the two teenagers. And although they come from different religious backgrounds – Ousmane is Muslim and Mrs Sommers’ Christian – they will share the same hope in finding their children alive. Putting aside their cultural differences, they will give each other the strength to continue the search and maintain the faith.

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