Bombón: El Perro

2004, Argentina-Spain, 95’, Color, Spanish

Director: Carlos Sorin
Cast: Juan Villegas, Walter Donado, Gregorio, Micol Estevez, Pascual Condito, Claudina Fazzini, Carlos Rossi

A record breaking road movie from Argentina.

It’s a dog’s life for Coco (Juan Villegas), a middle-aged mechanic whose prospects look bleak when he loses his job at the garage where he worked for 20 years. But a new door opens when he helps a woman repair her car and she repays his kindness by giving him a purebred puppy. The animal, whose papers identify him as Bombón but who Juan calls Lechien, attracts attention wherever he goes, and before long Juan is pulled into a hectic and unfamiliar new world of breeders, trainers and dog shows. Enlisting the help of dog trainer Walter (Walter Donado) the two take their fortunes on the road, convinced of the dog’s future success, But they don’t count on Bombón, who has other ideas…

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