2015, Argentina-France, 95’, Color, Spainish-French

Director: Emiliano Torres
Cast: Alejandro Sieveking, Cristian Salguer, Adriàn Fondari, Pablo Cedron

In these cold lands you have to struggle both to leave or to stay.

This is a story of survivors, in a corner of the world where time has stopped and winter seems never ending, where isolation, alienation and that strange and violent harmony we call nature conditions everything.

Evans (70), the old foreman at a rural property in Patagonia, receives a group of temporary labourers who come for the sheep shearing. It’s the same business every year. The only things that change are the faces of the men. This year amidst the group is Jara (30), a young man of indigenous features from a distant north-eastern province. The season’s work ends and Evans is forced to retire from the ‘estancia’ and is replaced by Jara. After a lifetime of dedicated work he leaves the property and sets off on a long trip looking for his daughter towards a small oil town in the South Atlantic. Jara is left in charge, he adapts as best he can to the loneliness and the harshness of the foreign territory. The challenge is much tougher than he imagined.
Finally winter comes and the land is covered in white. The snow and the wind isolate the place completely, and it is no longer a matter of working or living, but of resisting. When winter comes again, Evans, returns to the ‘estancia’ to intimidate Jara so that he abandons the place. They begin a struggle, but in these wild and cold lands only one of them can survive…

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