2008, Bosna-Herzegovina-France-Germany, 100’, Color, Bosnian-English

Director: Aida Begic
Cast: Zana Marjanovic, Jasna Beri, Sadzida Setic

2008 Cannes Film Festival Critics Week Grand Prize

A village’s painful, unforgettable story.

The story of a magical village of women and children on the mend from the war’s trauma, from successful director Aida Begic, maker of “Children of Sarajevo” and “Do Not Forget Me Istanbul.”

Six women, a grandfather, four girls and a young boy live in war ravaged and isolated village of Slavno. Their families and friends had been killed and their bodies had never been found. The first snow brings full isolation and risk for life in the village. It gets closer as villagers headed by Alma, a young stubborn woman who believes they can survive, tries to find their way out of poverty by selling plum jam and other fruits and vegetables their village is famous for on a deserted road. Two businessmen visit Slavno demanding residents to leave the village offering money in return. Villagers face a dilemma: should they accept the offer that could save their lives, but destroy their souls. A sudden storm traps the businessmen in Slavno, forcing them to face a problem bigger than anything they expected – the truth!

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