Good Luck Sam

2016, France-Belgium, 90′ Color, French-Arabic

Director: Farid Bentoumi
Cast: Sami Bouajila, Franck Gastambide, Chiara Mastroianni

Sometimes making history is the only option.

With acclaimed actor Sami Bouajila leading, the debut feature by Farid Bentoumi is a comedy that is amusing without opting for the easy way out, unpretentious without lacking intelligence.

This genre hybrid tells the true story of a French-born Algerian, Samir, who tries to qualify for the Winter Olympics as a cross-country skier for his father’s home country. Samir’s ski equipment company is on the verge of bankruptcy and their agreement with their major athlete falls. Samir and his partner come up with the craziest idea: having Samir participate in the Winter Olympics, but as an Algerian, since it would be much easier to qualify since there’s no competition. The ironic thing is Sam hasn’t skied at this level in over 20 years! Thus begins a relentless training schedule. As a result, Sam, who doesn’t even speak Arabic, rediscovers his entire Algerian family by travelling to the country for the first time in years…

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