Days of Glory

2006, Italy-France 118’, Color, Italian-English-Sicilian

Director: Rachid Bouchareb
Cast: Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila, Jamel Debbouze, Melanie Laurent

2006 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor, François Chalais Award
2007 Cesar Awards Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Film Award
2007 Lumiere Awards Best Screenplay Award
2006 Valladolid International Film Festival Audience Award
2007 Algeria Best Foreign Language Film Nomination

They gave themselves up for a country which does not even care.

Awarded director Rachid Bouchareb, tells story of the secret heroes who were ignored by the history. With unforgettable war scenes and amazing cast, this is simply a masterpiece.

1943, during World War II, 130.000 soldiers from French North African colonies, were conscripted by France to fight against Nazis. Morrocon, Algerian and Tunisian young men came for a motherland most had never seen before, but the surviving old soldiers had their pensions cancelled when their countries gained independence 15 years later. Although they were ignored by history, these no name soldiers Said, Yusuf, Abdülkadir and Yaser gave their all. Alongside Bouchareb created one of the best war scenes in cinema history, by telling story of these 4 men and their legendary battle, he also pushes humanity and history to the court of conscience.

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