2016, France, 102’, Color, French

Director: Tran Anh Hung
Cast: Melanie Laurent, Audrey Tautou, Berenice Bejo

Three generations, three woman and a story that circulates through a century.

Venice Film Festival Golden Lion and Cannes Film Festival Camera d’Or winner Tran Anh Hung tells the epic story of a family’s three generations’ women spreading through an era.

19th century, young Valentine has a long life ahead of her which will bring her great hapinesses and pain in exchange. She falls in love with a great man. With a dignified love they become a new family together. However life is not shaped based on Valentine’s pure feelings and wishes. She will witness pain and great losses in the era of war. As time passes, she will turn into a strong, old mother who devoted herself to her children.

Now it’s young Methilde’s time to taste the bitter wine of love. She becomes a part of the family marrying with Valentine’s son. Just like Valentine, Mathilde’s life full of dignified love and deep affections for the loved ones will take its share from the common pains of humanity.

Cothilde, born in the last generation of this great family which has passed a century behind full of magnificence and sorrow, will retype the story of the women in her family. Exactly like her great grandchild Alice who will fall in love with a man near Seine River after a century later Valentine’s times…

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