Two Men in Town

2014, USA-France, 120’, Color, English

Director: Rachid Bouchareb
Cast: Forest Whitaker, Harvey Keitel, Ellen Burstyn

2014 Berlin Film Festival Competition Film

A magnificent power and revenge story. A convict’s discovery of Islam and first steps religion.

A small town in New Mexico surrounded by desert which disgorges an increasing number of Mexicans who have either been murdered or have died of thirst. A convict is released from prison. Thanks to his new-found Muslim faith, William Garnett’s behaviour has been exemplary and he begins a new life in the town. But his past is wellknown and before long, a sheriff bent on revenge and an ex-crony from the underworld are both breathing down his neck. Garnett must conquer the demons of his past. He finds support in his faith. Rachid Bouchareb’s La voie de l’ennemi is a new adaptation of the 1973 thriller Deux hommes dans la ville. Forest Whitaker and Harvey Keitel embody extremes of power and abuse, reconciliation and revenge in this Kafkaesque drama.

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