2014, China, 102’, Color, Mandarin

Director: Peter Chan
Cast: Wei Zhao, Bo Huang, Dawei Tong, Lei Hao

Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film, Best Male Actor
Chinese American Film Festival Best Male Actor
Chinese Film Media Awards Best Film, Best Male Actor, Best Screenplay
Golden Phoenix Awards Best Male Actor

What would you do if your child isn’t just your child anymore?
An impressive masterpiece from one of China’s most important directors, Peter Chan, creator of “Saam Gaang” and “Wu Xia.”

Based on true events, DEAREST introduces us to Tian Wenjun, the proprietor of an internet café in the huge city of Shenzhen who argues constantly with his ex-wife about the care of their little son Pengpeng. One night a fight breaks out in the shop. Tian Wenjun intervenes – and the boy is gone. As the distraught parents struggle to find their son, they’re dragged on a hellish journey through a world of lackadaisical bureaucrats and unscrupulous con men. Yet after three agonizing years, a miracle occurs: they track down Pengpeng with his new “mother,” whose husband seems to have abducted the boy. But the family’s happy reunion fades, since Pengpeng has forgotten his birth parents and clings screaming to his new mother. Tian Wenjun realizes he is now the kidnapper – of his own son. From beginning to end, DEAREST is a searing look at child abduction in China, and its repercussions on parents who have lost their one allowable child.

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