The Great Match

2006, Spain, 88’, Color, Spanish

Director: Gerardo Olivares
Cast: Atibou Aboubacar, Ahmed Alansar, Abu Aldanish, Kenshleg Alen Khan, Mahamadou Alzouma

They did everything to be able to watch the World Cup Finale.

The heroes in the documentary comedy “The Great Match” have never met, but they share two things in common: they all live in the most remote corners of this planet, and they are determined to watch the final match of the soccer world championship 2002 between Germany and Brazil on television. With ingenuity and much will power, the Mongolian nomad family, the Tuareg Camel caravan, and the Indian tribe from the Amazon achieve their goal. At the end, all of them anxiously watch the screen as their heroes battle it out on the field.

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