One Breath

2015, Germany, 110’, Color, German-English-Greek

Director: Christian Zübert
Cast: Jördis Triebel, Mata Giannatoru, Benjamin Sadler

The amazing story of two women left between humanity and motherhood.

One of Germany’s greatest directors living, a film from Christian Zübert about two women from different worlds.

Two women — one struggling with the stress of new motherhood, the other reeling from the discovery that she’s to become a mother herself — are at the centre of this stunning film from Germany’s Christian Zübert. Fed up with her country’s economic strife and lack of opportunities, Elena (Chara Mata Giannatou) decides to leave Athens for Frankfurt, where a friend has promised to help her find a job at a busy nightclub. It’s only upon arriving in Germany that Elena learns she’s pregnant, and slinging drinks is suddenly out of the question. She takes a job as a nanny for Tessa (Jördis Triebel) and Jan (Benjamin Sadler), a couple attempting to resume their professional lives after having their first child. Tessa is a stern employer and childcare proves tougher than Elena expected, but she sticks it out, until something awful happens under her watch.

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