The Bag of Flour

2012, Belgium-Morocco, 92’, Color, Arabic-French

Director: Kadija Leclere
Cast: Hiam Abbass, Mehdi Dehbi, Hafsia Herzi

2012 Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
2014 Magritte Awards Most Promising Actress Nominee
2014 Magritte Awards Most Promising Actor Nominee

A sincere and touching production, inspired by the director’s own life.

Alsemberg, Belgium, 1975. Eight year-old Sarah, an orphan in a Catholic institution, receives a visit from her biological father. He claims he’s treating her to a weekend in Paris, but ends up drugging and kidnapping her to a small village in the far reaches of Morocco. The treacherous father soon abandons the family and Sarah is left pining away for civilization-there’s no schooling available other than learning the loom.

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