The Milk of Sorrow

2009, Spain-Peru, 95’, Color, Spanish

Director: Claudia Llosa
Cast: Magaly Solier,Susi Sánchez,Efraín Solís

2009 Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award
2009 Berlin Film Festival FIBRESCI Award

A film that is a slap in the face, filled with pain and sorrow…

Fausta suffers from “the milk of sorrow”, an illness transmitted through mother’s milk by women who have been violated or mistreated during the war of terrorism in Peru. The war has ended, but Fausta lives to remind of it because “the illness of fear” stole her soul. Now, her mother’s sudden death forces her to confront her fears and the secret that is hidden inside of her: she has inserted a potato into her vagina to serve as a protective shield that repels disgusting intruders. “The Milk of Sorrow” is the story of a search for re-awakening, a journey from fear to freedom.

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