Wednesday, May 9

2015, Iran, 102’, Color, Farsi

Director: Vahid Jalilvand
Cast: Niki Karimi, Amir Aghaei, Shahrokh Forootanian, Vahid Jalilvand, Borzou Arjmand, Afarin Obeisi, Saeed Dakh, Kataneh Afsharinejad, Sahar Ahmadpour, Milad Yazdani

Venice Film Festivali-Interfilm Award
Reykjavik Film Festival-Golden Puffin Award-Best Film

A film of poetic cinematography, suspenseful plot and incredible acting, Vahid Jalilvand’s award winning debut.

Why would someone give money away? What sort of consolation can that offer? On May 9, Jayal Ashtiyani, a teacher, has offered to provide a significant sum of money to a worthy person in need. His advertisement in the local Tehran newspaper has encouraged people to come to his office and make a convincing appeal. But how will he, and the police, deal with the throngs of needy candidates who assemble? How does he decide who’s actually the most worthy? From a simple premise, Vahid Jalilvand employs formal finesse and unforgettably urgent performances (including the great Niki Karimi) to craft a profound study of human nature and social and economic realities in Iran.

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