The Beat That My Heart Skipped

2005, France, 108’, Color, French-English-Russian-Vietnamese-Mandarin

Director: Jacques Audiard
Cast: Romain Duris, Aure Atika, Emmanuelle Devos

A character study of a young man caught between classical music and a crime empire.

Tom Seyr (Romain Duris), a violent thug with a heart, grows weary of cracking heads for his smarmy, mediocre gangster father, Robert (Niels Arestrup), and longs for a chance at something else. A fortuitous encounter prompts Tom to renew his classical piano playing, like his mother before him, and he begins to study with piano teacher Miao Lin (Linh Dan Pham). But when he starts a passionate affair with Aline (Aure Atika), the wife of one of his cronies, his new happiness may be short-lived.

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