Cell 211

2009, Spain, 104’, Color, Spanish-English

Director: Daniel Monzon
Cast: Luis Tosar, Alberto Ammaan, Antonio Resines, Manuel Moron, Carlos Bardem

2010 Cannes Film Festival Best Actor, François Chalais Award
2010 Cesar Awards Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Film
2010 CinEuphoria Best Actor
2010 Cinema Writers Circle CEC Best Film Award
2010 Nantes Film Festival Audience Award

To stay alive he must act as if he is one of them.

Juan Oliver is about to become a prison officer. On the first day of his new job, two colleagues show him around the old prison, telling him about the rough work and about Apache, a Russian informer. All of a sudden, and due to some building work, some plaster falls from the ceiling and hits Juan Olivier, who passes out. The guards take him into cell 211, which is empty, to try and revive him. But, as luck would have it, that’s when a riot breaks out at the high security FIES cell block, the one that houses the most dangerous inmates. Juan’s colleagues run away, leaving him stranded. When he wakes up in the cell he takes stock of the situation: if he wants to save his skin, he must pretend to be a prisoner.

IMDb : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1242422/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1