INSYRIATED 2017, Belgium, 85’, Drama, Color, Arabic Director : Philippe Van Leeuw Scenario : Philippe Van Leeuw Scenario : Hiam Abbas, Diamand Bou Abboud, Juliette Navis, Mohsen Abbas Cinematographer : Virginie Surdej Editor : Gladys Joujou A look at the ongoin civil war in Syria and the dramatic affects it has on people from the window of a home and the eyes of a strong mother. 2017 Berlin Film Festival               Panorama Section Audience Award                                                                Label Europa Cinemas Award Synopsis: Syria, clashes continue in Damascus. Amongst this chaos, life continues in a small apartment in the middle of it. Oum cannot reach her husband and the only thing on her mind is to protect her family another day from bullets and the dangers of war. At any sign of threat, Oum takes over the household to protect her father-in-law and daughters. But one day, when she is all alone and armed men enter her home, will she find the strength inside to protect herself? IMDb :